Good vs. Evil

Good vs. Evil
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I'm bad I'm going to Hell, and I dont care I'd rather be in Hell that anywhere you are
-William Faulker

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sorry peeps but i am your Genius, when i got bored today i doodled a poem on my doodle pad, i was so proud of it i was almost brought to tears, but it turned out the poem sucks and i had a eyelash in my eye.
Well you know those poems you write in like Kindergarten where you write something for every letter, i did that for m y lovely friend Xanax but fuck had to rework it because on doodle pad in was Xanex fuck spelling grrr.
Xylophones are cool
Anxiety is not
Also is not cool, Thank God for

PS for the people who dont know any better blue will knock you right on your ass, they strong
I am thinking i could make a whole book of of anxiety medication poems just to name a few we got

But No worries Peeps i am not going to so fuck better find someone else do give my literary achievement award to
Anyways Thanks for reading and wasting your time with me
So now i will share a bit of my knowledge with yall
Speaking of Xylophones not sure what we plays but on Rockabye Baby Lullaby Cd's are awesome i love them to bits and pieces

Here is a real poem from a actual great poet

Why the desire for death.

A clean paper or pure white wall.
One false
line, a scratch, a mistake.
Unerasable. So obscureby
adding million other
tracings, blend it
,cover over.
But the original scratch
remains, written in
gold blood, shining.

Desire for a Perfect Life
-Jim Morrison


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